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The project AdultLife is a strategic partnership that aims to support young people in transition to adulthood by making information about the process available in an understandable, relatable and youthful way. It has information on the following topics: Employability, Housing, Financial Literacy, Well being and Citizenship & Participation.

Young adults have to face a multitude of decisions during their transition, and, oftentimes, finding trustworthy verified information that helps them navigate a very bureaucratic world is scarce. This leads to uninformed and unprepared people that aren’t fully aware of what their rights are, how to make responsible decisions and how to participate in society in all its dimensions. Also, when it comes to youth issues, the areas where our research focuses on are usually separated from each other, but in reality they are linked to one another.

AdultLife comes to improve this context by centralizing information on the 5 topics and broadcasting it into diverse forms: websites, podcasts, videos, a diary, a toolkit and MOOC for educators, events, and social media campaigns. 

These outputs were carefully laid out to include young adults in different stages of their life, that’s why a second target group is included: youth workers, teachers, school psychologists, social workers, etc. This second target group will disseminate AdulLife’s information by transforming it into skills and attitudes that young people need for this phase, with the help of the toolkit and the MOOC.

Through the resulting outputs adapted for different audiences – youth and educational providers we aim to increase their awareness, knowledge and skills as direct participants in the process. The project creates innovative and attractive information channels which in the long term will adjust the educational balance towards these topics.

The project is supported by the European Union, the Erasmus+ program and Iuventa – Slovak Youth Institute.


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Even that you are reading right now about our AdultLife project, you can also check our NGOs website where you can find more information and outcomes of the project. Here you find about the project, but on our websites you can find dynamically changing enviroment where is everyhting you need to know or have for your way to become an adult. If not, write us!


The survival planner is a personal organizer, designed to be portable, you can take it everywhere you go! It contains calendar, templates, useful contacts, important national dates regarding the adult life (for example taxes) holidays, budgets, health appointments, etc. You only need to take a pen into your hand and your adultlife full of appointments can start!

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During your walk, running or driving you can listen to our podcats and get to know how to pay your taxes or why check ups at your doctor are important! No English? No worries! Each organization produces episodes to cover all topics of our project in their mother tongue. We have guests, we have young people, educators, experts who are ready to share their secrets on how to become a proper adult!
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Our goal is to inspire young people to learn in an easy way about these topics and if they find doubts in the process, they can search more in the links that will be available in the video’s descriptions. We want to raise awareness for topics like employment, financial literacy, health and wellbeing, housing and to simplify topics that are usually difficult to understand.


For many teachers and youth workers transition to adult life was long time ago and unfortunately many information has changed since then. websites where young people can find information are boring, not accurate and not useful at all.  While most of the resources available for adult life focus on information, with the help of educators we can bring in an element of competence-building that goes beyond information and also comprises of upskilling and change of attitudes. Join our MOOC and find out that transition to adultlife is also about the skills and attitudes.


Would you like to help your youngsters and support their transition to adultlife? Check our our Medhot kit which is full of methods based on nonfromal education! Step by step you will be able to open the difficult topic in your classroom and make the learning process fun, interesting and informative for your students!

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Start of the project: preparing all common working agreements between partners. Star of the research phase of the topics.

MARCH 2021

Construction of the visual identity in a participatory way: conducting user surveys, building moodboards and producing a dynamic visual vocabulary.

MAY 2021

Definition of the structure and user experience for the websites; First scripts for podcasts and videos.

June 2021

Start of the recording of the podcast.

July 2021

Asserting characters and aesthetics of the videos.

September 2021

Start of the construction of the survival planner. Developing the prototypes of the websites.

October 2021

Training Course in Portugal where we collected ideas from youth workers and youth leaders that were implemented into the construction of the Educational Kit and MOOC.

November 2021

Preparing Educational Kit and MOOC.

February 2022

Getting ready for launching: finalizing websites, podcasts and videos. Preparing the communication strategy of the outputs.

March 2022

Launching of the websites, podcasts and videos. Printing of the Survival Planner.

May 2022

Presenting the results of our project in a Multiplier Event in Slovakia.

September 2022
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Presenting our project on an international level in a Webinar, happening on the 14th.

Presenting the results of our project in two multiplier events happening in Austria on the 16th and Portugal on the 24th. 

October 2022
Timeline Story

Preparing for Adult Life 2.