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AdultLife is the brainchild of a group of very eager NGOs, it started from a common struggle with adulthood that EduEra’s and Collippo’s representatives felt in their countries Slovakia and Portugal. Coobra soon joined the project with their expertise in carrying out strategic partnerships and has a good example since Austria already has in place services that help young adults navigate this atribulated time.


EduEra is the coordinator of this project and works as a young people-led platform for young people, focusing on non-formal education. They believe that society’s most important value is education, which they offer young people thanks to training, workshops, volunteering, and projects in Slovakia and abroad. They support the active participation of young people in generating new ideas and creating new initiatives. Their members come from different parts of Slovakia and they focus on all areas in which they see potential and opportunities for young people.

In 2018, EduEra was awarded as The best practice NGO, presenting our work at the European Parliament in Brussels. In the same year, the international project TRAINBOW was awarded as an Example of good practice in Slovakia and was placed in the top ten best international training for youth workers from around the world supported by the EU and the Erasmus + program.


Collippo is the Portuguese partner. It started with a group of friends who didn’t feel represented in Leiria. After finishing their studies they weren’t very young but they didn’t feel like adults either. They didn’t want to give up their irreverence when entering the labor market and they saw in Leiria (Portugal) a city with lots of potential. In May 2018, Collippo was born, following the premise that youth can walk towards independence without giving up what makes them irreverent, and that irreverence can be an engine for a more community oriented Leiria. Collippo is made up of volunteers who work on behalf of young adults through non-formal education tools, maintaining an apolitical, secular and non-profit position.

Their mission is to generate local development through youth empowerment. For this to happen,they facilitate the transition of young people into adulthood and make room for them to have a voice and participate in building up their local communities.


Cooperativa braccianti has since its inception in 2007 been very active in coordinating, managing and implementing projects of social character, both on local and international level.

The aims and activities of “coobra – cooperativa braccianti” are the development, planning, implementation and procurance of activities and projects in the major aspects in the fields of youth, labour, culture, art, education, agriculture, democracy, media, health, migration and research as well as all other socio political relevant ranges.

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